About Us

whoUrep is a group of friends and family who compiled their cultural upbringing to create a unique style. The idea began years ago when we started looking for creative and innovative ways to represent our respective countries. The compilation of designs began to spread, and the idea evolved into a full-fledged company. 

 “whoUrep” is an abbreviation to let the world know “who you represent” through fashion; the inspiration behind our brand. What’s fascinating about our products is we cooked up a recipe with different cultures, island flavours, mixed in some Dancehall, Soca and Reggae; blended it with our African Heritage and its so we keep’n U island fresh. Our brand relates to something unique to everyone regardless of culture, genre, religion, background or trends in general. whoUrep will not only be “Keep’N U Island Fresh” but we’ll keep our commitment to continuously deliver eye-catching designs and fresh concepts, which allows you to “Wear National Pride in Style”. 

Our Island Fresh Bonafides expect us to deliver eye-catching, comfortable and high-quality products. It’s our #1 priority to deliver on those expectations and keep working on Keep'N U Island Fresh!